About Me


Im Rachel, 24, and I am a big bookworm.

Like, the biggest.

I read when travelling, when at work, on breaks, pretty much everywhere you see me with a book in my hand (or my kindle!).

Books are like my best friend (even if this sounds weird).

My main genre of books that I love to read is YA and fantasy/SciFi, though I do also love an interesting historical fiction book too, and I occasionally branch out to other genres if the blurb interests me!

I'm also a graduate from the university of Lincoln, with a Bsc in Psychology, not that it matters as much as my love of books.

Just to warn you, I am also a giant Potterhead and I adore everything Disney, so there may be a few odd posts about Harry Potter or Disney in my blog too!

But, I bet you wanted to know what this blog is all about, and to answer your question this blog is all about my books I love, books I'm reading, books I want to read and what I think of them.

As you can tell already, I ramble sometimes, so to make a long story short, welcome to my rambling reviews!

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