Review Policy

Current Review Status: Not taking requests

In regards to type of books I will consider for a review, I mainly read YA or Fantasy, but I will also read Mystery and Historical Fiction if the blurb interests me. Any books which mix Fantasy with any other genres are also welcome.

Genres I do not review include non-fiction and romance (unless the romance is a part of the other genres I do review).

I accept both E-Copies and physical copies of books, with a preference of physical copies when possible.

When I accept a review request I will include a synopsis of the book in my review, a 1-5 rating, and cross-post the review to both Goodreads and Amazon when possible.

I cannot guarantee a time frame of when I will read and review a book, unless you have a specific time frame in mind (which I will let you know if I am able to achieve when you get in touch). Reviews may take longer to post at certain times depending on other commitments.

I am also open to participating in blog tours/guest posts/author interviews, so please do get in touch if you are interested in this.

If you are interested in a review or blog tour, I can be contacted either by email at or through Twitter DMs. I am not always able to respond to requests - so please do not send multiple requests if you do not receive a reply.

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