Saturday, 21 July 2018

Blog Tour: Splinter by Joshua Winning

So, today is my stop on this blog tour, and I'm so excited to be sharing my review for this amazing book, which is the last in the series!

I've previously reviewed the past books as well if you want to read them (Book One, Book Two - mini review)

Here's the info for this book:


“All who stand against us shall perish”

The critically acclaimed Sentinel Trilogy comes to a thrilling conclusion in this final instalment of the dark fantasy series.

The world is falling apart around Nicholas Hallow. Amid rumours that the Dark Prophets have returned, a deathly gloom pollutes England, unleashing a savage hoard of nightmare creatures. Fighting the tide of evil, Nicholas returns home to Cambridge, where an old ally helps him seek out the mysterious Skurkwife, who could help Nicholas stop Malika and the Prophets for good.

Meanwhile, Sam Wilkins unites the Sentinels against the forces of darkness, but with Jessica's sanity slipping, and Isabel suspicious of her shadowy past, it's a battle that could cost the Sentinels everything.

To describe this book I will just say this: wow. This was the perfect conclusion to a thrilling trilogy, and it definitely kept you on your toes until the end guessing what would happen.

I am so happy I got to read this so soon after finishing the second book, it was left in a place where you knew you just had to pick up the next book, and I was not disappointed at all. I think I was most happy to finally get some backstory on Malika - she is one of my favourite baddies going now, and I have been waiting for more information on her since the first book - and Joshua came through. Her backstory was amazing (you'll just have to read it to find out how good it was).

I have to admit that this book will keep you gasping with some of the twists, there was so much that I wasn't able to guess what would happen, and usually I'm quite good at that. It was so action packed near the end that you kind of felt that you were there with them, it really helped you imagine you were in the midst of everything, and I love it when a book does that.

So, I'm giving this book 5 cats, definitely an amazing conclusion to a trilogy, and I'll always wish for more from this world that Joshua has built.

I highly recommend this series if you love a bit of fantasy with mystery mixed in, have you read any in this series? Comment below!

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