Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My Favourite Movies!

So, I had a movie day with a couple of friends this weekend, and we decided to make it a favourite movies day. We each took two of our favourites, and we chose which ones we should watch.

So, after a little poll on my Twitter about if you'd be interesting reading about my favourite movies, I decided to post and tell you all about them!

First, the two I chose to take with me to this movie day (yes they're both animated but come on, I love a good animated film!):

Spirited Away

I only started watching Studio Ghibli films after a friend introduced me to them, and this one is my favourite. I just love the idea of a whole other world, and well, I also love the weirdness of it.

Weird and wonderful is how I describe it! (my friends face expressions while watching for the first time were rather amusing)

The Rescuers

And, there is it, a Disney film, I bet you must have expected at least one of these in my list! The rescuers is not a classic Disney film, but I used to watch it so much when younger that my VHS copy ended up dead from reuse. So, yes, definitely one of my favourites!

There was one other film I would have loved to have taken with me, but couldn't seem to find, and that is this one:

Big Fish

I first watched this during senior school and it just stuck with me as one of my favourites, I watched it so many times during university, it's just such a cute little story-telling film!

And last but not least, those movies that I can always rewatch, even if I've watched them a ridiculous amount of times! (yes I have quite a weird taste in movies, but don't we all have such different tastes?)


I don't know why I like this movie so much but I do! Whenever it is on TV I always make sure to put a timer on it to remember to watch it.

Alice in Wonderland

I am just a tiny bit obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, both the original animation and most new adaptations that I can find. I think it comes from the fact that I once played Alice in a musical during school.
But yes, it's one of my feel-good movies that I go to when I'm feeling bad.


Surprise! Another Disney movie! But I love it, it is actually my favourite new Disney movie, and I've watched it so many times, I even downloaded a couple of the songs from the soundtrack, they're just amazing!

Con Air

I know, some of these options are so weird when I am usually a Disney addict, but I love this movie ever since I watched it with friends! No idea why but I do!

Forrest Gump

Come on, who doesn't like a bit of Forrest Gump? I sure do! And I visited Bubba Gump's Shrimp restaurant while in Florida, it was amazing! I just love the stories told in this movie.

Sleeping Beauty

Yep, another Disney movie, who woulda guessed? This is my favourite classic Disney movie out of all of them. Not to say I don't like the others but this one just calls to me, and I love a good adaptation of it!

Obviously, these aren't all of my favourite movies, these are just a few that I most like of all.

What are your favourite movies? Or, what do you think of mine? Comment below!

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