Monday, 22 January 2018

The Winter Tag!

So I was tagged for this by the lovely Margarida. Thankyou!

It seemed such a cute little tag, that I thought I'd do it, because I loved some of the questions!

  1. Share 12 random facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 12 questions.
  3. Tag 12 bloggers.

Okay, here are my 12 random facts! (probably not the most interesting ones though)
  1. I make sure to always have one spare device that has the kindle app on for emergencies.
  2. I always have a book on me (whether it's a kindle or physical book depends on the size of my bag)
  3. I love to play bingo - I go to nearly every week.
  4. I love lipsticks - especially red variations.
  5. My favourite colour is green - I wish I had more green things to wear
  6. I am both a Harry Potter and Disney addict.
  7. I have a collection of Stitch plushies - 3 at the moment, and slowly growing.
  8. I have visited the Harry Potter Studio tour 4 times - and plan to go more.
  9.  I have a degree in Psychology and Clinical Psychology.
  10. If I could I would wear pyjamas all the time.
  11. I get cold ridiculously easily.
  12. I love the smell of vanilla - so much so I bought a vanilla perfume.

Now for the Questions!:

What are your favourite things about Winter?

I love that I get to snuggle up in blankets to get warm and people understand, and that all the winter products brought out smell amazing!

What is your favourite Winter outfit?

It has to be, cosy leggings (with a fluffy inside), a giant jumper and warm boots.

What is your favourite Winter food?

In the winter I do love a nice Shepherd's or Cottage Pie, they're yummy and warm and its great! Not that it's really a winter only food, but I love to have them in winter so it counts.

What is your favourite Winter drink?

I love the seasonal hot chocolates they bring out in Costa, my favourite (I have had way too many of these this winter) is the Black Forest hot chocolate.

What is your dream way to spend a Winters day?

Sitting either curled up in front of a fire, or bundled up in warm blankets, with a book and one of my friends to hug.

How do you like to do your makeup in the Winter?

I'm not really a makeup person, but when I do it, I love to have a berry colour lipstick, my favourite in winter.

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

Bit late for this, but I would have appreciated any book vouchers or amazon vouchers so I can buy the books I wanted

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

Cold, hot chocolate, cosy jumpers

What is your favourite Winter song?

Oh, I'm not sure about this... I love any Christmas song though if that counts?

What is your favourite Winter memory?

Definitely sitting with my Nan and Grandad and other family around Christmas, just any time like that is most cherished.

What is your favourite Winter scent?

hm... I do like cinnamon so I'd say that, or a woodfire (I don't get to see them often so its nice to smell it)

Finish this sentence…If I could have anything this Christmas it would be…

Bit late for this, and it's a bit sad, but I would have loved to have had one more Christmas with my Nan and Grandad

I tag (can't tag 12, but if you see this and like the look of it feel free!):

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