Thursday, 20 July 2017

Disney: Illustrated Version

So, yet another Disney post. Yes, I know, there's been a few Disney related posts already, but in my bio I did warn you that I am Disney obsessed!

But, when you see what book I am talking about you'll understand why I had to make this post, as the sheer beauty of the book will blow your minds.

What Disney books am I talking about this time? I hear you ask. Well, I'm talking about the hardcover illustrated versions, with beautiful illustrations from MinaLima (surprise, it's also to do with Harry Potter, they do some of the illustrations for HP merchandise too!).

So, I first saw these books when I went shopping at our local Costco. Obviously, the names of the books drew me in, first I saw Peter Pan, then at a later date I saw The Jungle Book. I should also mention I have a weakness for hardcover books with beautiful covers, and these drew my eye so quickly.
Aren't they just stunning?

I put off buying them, until I found out there was a Beauty and the Beast version coming out (my sisters favourite Disney movie), and so I decided to buy it. And boy am I glad I did, just look at the inside illustrations (only showing one so I don't spoil the surprise if you decide to buy it)!

There's even little interactive pictures in the books, and it's just such fun.

I know I'll definitely be buying the Jungle Book and Peter Pan soon (and fuelling my obsession with Disney)!

What do you think of these beautiful books? And do you think you'll buy one of them? If so, which one do you think you'd like most?


  1. Wow, those are lovely illustrations for sure :)

    1. they are, there are so many more nice ones in there aswell, and the interactive bits are so cute!

  2. These editions are SO pretty! I need to add them to my wish list. Honestly, I'm hopeless when it comes to beautiful hardback books, especially the classics. I just NEED them in my life, and I usually need them NOW :)

    1. That's what I felt like ahaha so now I just need jungle book and Peter pan